Congratulations on purchasing your new home! It’s an exciting time that sometimes can get overwhelming as you prepare to transition from one house to another. As you get ready for your move there are some things you should have when you first move into your new home. Though you may have several items on the list already, there are items that you may need to replace or purchase before you move into your new home.  We’ve broken down these quintessential items for our Wake Forest NC homes homebuyer’s into a moving checklist by rooms in your home:

Entrance area/foyer

  1. Console table (perfect landing zone for your cell phone, keys, wallet)
  2. Floor length mirror (brighten up the space and take a last look of yourself before heading out)
  3. Floor runner (place inside your foyer to warm up the space)
  4. Welcome mat (placed outside the front door)


  1. Bottle opener (how else are you supposed to pop open some bubbly to celebrate your first night)
  2. Can opener
  3. Coffee maker
  4. Cookware and pots and pans
  5. Cutlery
  6. Cutting boards
  7. Detergent (dish and dishwasher)
  8. Dish towels
  9. Food storage containers
  10. Glassware
  11. Hangers (coats and clothes)
  12. Knife set
  13. Measuring cups and spoons
  14. Mugs
  15. Plastic bags (sandwich size), aluminum foil, plastic wrap
  16. Plates
  17. Potholders
  18. Seasonings (salt, pepper, season salt)
  19. Table
  20. Tea pot
  21. Toaster
  22. Toaster over
  23. Trash can

Dining room

  1. Dining room table and chairs
  2. Napkins
  3. Placemats
  4. Window treatments

Living room

  1. Coasters
  2. Coffee table
  3. End tables
  4. Entertainment center
  5. Sofa
  6. TV
  7. Window treatments


  1. Bed and mattress
  2. Bedsheets
  3. Comforter
  4. Lamp(s)
  5. Pillows
  6. Window treatments


  1. Bath mat
  2. Bath soap
  3. Bath towels (body, hand) and washcloths
  4. Hand soap
  5. Plunger
  6. Robe and towel hooks
  7. Toilet brush and toilet bowl cleaner

Miscellaneous items

  1. Batteries (different type)
  2. Cleaning supplies (bleach, rags, spray, paper towels, window cleaner)
  3. Curtains
  4. Dust pan and broom
  5. Filters (change your air filters and vent filters right away)
  6. Fire extinguisher
  7. First aid kit
  8. Flashlights
  9. Gardening tools (hose, rake, shovel, weedwacker)
  10. Iron and ironing board
  11. Laundry detergent
  12. Laundry hampers
  13. Lawnmower
  14. Mop
  15. Rubber gloves
  16. Tools (box cutter, hammer, wrench, duct tape, screwdrivers (flathead and Phillips)

There’s no telling who has keys to your home. So the first order of business should be to change the locks immediately. An alternative solution is to re-key the locks. This can be done at a local Wake Forest NC homes hardware store and it’s cheaper than getting the locks replaced.  You’ll have peace of mind knowing that nobody else has keys to your beautiful new home. We hope this list helps you get started in your new home. Good luck with your move and enjoy turning your house into a home.